Trish Ebery has been a lifeline for me and bought me back from the brink of despair and near hospitalization through severe mastitis and breastfeeding issues with my second child.

Trish immediately sorted out issues that had been missed by many others including an undiagnosed tongue and lip tie for which she managed to get immediate surgery.
I cannot recommend her more highly, for me mastitis led to a fully blocked breast very quickly and Trish was immediately able to work with me to resolve the situation.

Trish is extremely experienced and well regarded, she is well connected to expert specialists and knows when to call these in for help. I would have no hesitation in recommending her and feel so lucky to have been under her care. Having had a bad experience with a midwife and breastfeeding initially with my first child, I really know how special Trish is and what a difference expert advice makes.


Trish was easily contactable after I was referred from my GP in the early days of bringing home my extremely premature baby after many months in NICU. She got back to me straight away (even though she is a very busy, in-demand lady!) and I managed to see her quickly which means so much when you are having a stressful time with feeding. She was extremely encouraging and refreshingly non- judgmental about what I had been doing and after a session with her, my sore lumpy breasts that had had recurrent mastitis after months of expressing then progression to feeding from about equivalent to 34weeks, felt better than they had in weeks and the tips she gave me were so helpful and beneficial in ongoing feeding too.
Further down the track I emailed Trish after having my little one refuse the breast all morning and feeling very stressed, but not expecting to hear from her for a few days, I was beyond grateful to get a phone call from her not long after I sent my email and she informed me of hormonal changes that can totally affect feeding. So much learning can come from seeing Trish who has so much experience and gives so much good practical advice. Can highly recommend Trish

Katie, Mum to ex 23 weeker

我認識 Trish 有7年左右了。一直知道她是泌乳顧問,但是直到去年五月我自己在產後遭遇到各種哺乳問題時,我才知道Trish的專業經驗有多麼寶貴。在與好幾個泌乳顧問諮詢過後,我也才知道她真正是業界中的佼佼者。




saw Trish with my 3week old son as we were having problems with his latch and I had a lot of pain during breast feeding. I was almost at the point of giving up but after a session with Trish she turned things around. I had seen lots of other people who had made suggestions with little success but within minutes Trish identified exactly what was wrong. My baby is now rapidly gaining weight and I'm actually starting to enjoy feeding him. I would thoroughly recommend her to any woman struggling with breast feeding.


Just wanted to say again how amazing it was to have all your advice and guidance over the last 6 weeks with our premature baby. I'm feeling really positive about breastfeeding and my milk supply….thanks to you!

Nicky Xx

Our son was born by c-section. He was 2.93 kg and 48cm. A healthy and strong little boy. After four days in hospital we were released home and despite over 10% drop in his weight, we were assured that our breast feeding was successful, even though it felt nothing like that.

We were fortunate to have Trish visiting us the next day as our midwife. She immediately picked up that our boy was not latching on properly and therefore my milk was not being produced. It turned out he had his tongue and upper lip restricted, his mouth was too small to handle my nipples, he was lethargic and had no drive to eat.

This is when Trish came up with a plan for us to save our breast feeding. Initially I expressed as little as 7ml of milk from both breast combined! We fed him with a syringe. His weight didn't improve and Trish advised that we needed to supplement my milk….Trish arranged to have his tongue and lip released….my milk supply slowly started to increase and Trish helped us to teach him….. It took a few more weeks to establish good feeding and to slowly remove the pump (with an episode of mastitis along the way).

If it wasn't for Trish - her knowledge and continuous support, we would have never been able to get here.

It was team work - 100% support from my husband.

It was a very difficult 3 months and there were times when I didn't believe we would ever be able to breast feed. But we made it! My baby is happily feeding while I'm writing just now. He is 8 months old, he is growing well and is a very happy and healthy boy.

We couldn't have asked for more and we will be forever grateful to Trish for enabling us to give such a healthy start in life for our son!


Trish's support and care was also invaluable. I spent five days in hospital with mastitis but it wasn't until the following day when I first visited Trish that my breasts were properly drained for the first time, making me more comfortable and clearing the way for the infection to pass. In addition to her trustworthy skills and knowledge, Trish took a holistic approach to my care. She recognised that I was struggling to cope with the challenges and talked to me about this, giving me support and encouragement to carry on.

What ultimately pushed me through was holding onto the image of myself successfully nursing my baby. I had always assumed I would breastfeed but had never considered how much that meant to me. Not just in terms of giving my baby the best start, but it turned out that it was also really important to me with respect to my identity and role as a mother. I didn't want to believe that it wasn't possible for me to breastfeed, so I held onto that image and persevered.

….After much perseverance by seven weeks old bubs had started to latch and by 8 weeks he was doing so expertly.

Breastfeeding is now easy, enjoyable and very portable. While there were times that I didn't want to push on, I am now very glad that I did. I am also much more informed about breastfeeding and feel I will be in an excellent position to cope with any challenges with my next child.


I first met Trish Ebery three years ago as I needed help to get my babies breastfeeding. My girls were around two months old and I had really struggled to get feeding established but was slowly losing the battle. I was at a point of almost 70% bottle feeding them with formula, but I wasn't ready to give up on my dream to breastfeed my babies. Trish quickly discovered that both of my girls were tongue-tied which was causing the pain I was experiencing plus the reduced milk intake and fast diminishing milk supply, despite what seemed like HOURS of pumping.

Once we remedied the tongue tie issue, within a week we were back on track to fully breastfeeding, working with one baby at a time until both were fully breastfed. It took over three months of blood, sweat and tears to get breastfeeding underway for me, so in the hopes that you don't go through the same experience, I have asked Trish to share some of her amazing experience and advice with you.

Preparation is key and it is vitally important that you seek help early. Having help from an experienced Lactation Consultant like Trish, could be the difference between you having success with breastfeeding, or not.

Anna, mum to twin girls xx

Hi Trish

My name is Sarah and four years ago you came all the way out to help us with our wee boy……. You said at the time that he had slightly low muscle tone and gave us some exercises to do some exercises….. We diligently did these exercises with great success.

No one believed us when we mentioned the slightly low muscle tone, however we knew it was there as well.

…..The Occupational Therapist confirmed that he had retained reflexes and slightly low muscle tone and that with 6 months of therapy he will be as good as new. She was thrilled that you had told us about the exercises because without that he wouldn't be thriving like he is now.

Trish, I can't thank you enough for making the effort to come and see us, without your input we wouldn't have the wonderful, thriving, cheeky boy that we have now.

Thanks again,


We knew our breastfeeding journey was going to be potentially tricky - I had a dangerous pregnancy condition, Placenta Increta, which required a Caesarian-Hysterectomy at 36 weeks. I lost a lot of blood and we were in hospital for 2 weeks. Our baby was in NICU for 6 days due to his prematurity.

He needed additional feeds via his nasogastric tube and some donor milk from a friend….his weight gain was slow with my milk alone…. he had a tongue and lip tie which were released when he was a few weeks old….I had 4 or 5 bouts of mastitis due to the fact that he wasn't strong enough to drain the breast completely at each feed.

Luckily I had found Trish at this point and she was a lifesaver. She drained the blockages by hand which was SO painful but such a relief afterwards! Trish gave me loads of support and encouragement to keep going.

I loved our breastfeeding relationship and the bonding and comfort it provided. …Over the next few months he became a more efficient and enthusiastic breast feeder as Trish had predicted.

….He has just turned one and breastfeeding has got better and better. I am so glad we persevered through the hard part- it has definitely been worth the wait. I still hand express twice a day- it's become part of my routine and it keeps my milk supply up and prevents mastitis. He breastfeeds three times a day and occasionally has a sleepy feed if he wakes in the night. I love the last feed before bedtime - such a smoochy, delicious experience!



“Best midwife I could ask for!”

“Trish was fantastic to deal with. She is very knowledgeable, provided great support and helped to diagnose a tongue tie with our daughter. She then supported us with follow up care. We were very fortunate to have her.”

“My breastfeeding experience with my first was difficult but Trish helped me through it so I quickly had a thriving baby.…This time everything was a lot easier. Trish was encouraging, fun and I always looked forward to her visits. She has the right blend of straight forwardness, humour and soo much knowledge. Everyone should use her and I will recommend her. I will miss her!”

“Trish was very easy to talk to! We had a fabulous experience with Trish… looking forward to requesting her services again in the future… we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to our friends. An extremely knowledgeable, friendly midwife; we were thrilled to have her for our postnatal care.”

“Trish was very helpful and supportive through the initial weeks where times are tough for a new mother like myself. Very thankful to her for her knowledge and was very lucky to have her as my midwife/lactation consultant.”

“Non-judgemental and offered balanced advice. Visits were not rushed. Trish was very open to receiving questions and discussing. Very impressed with her professionalism and warm, open and relaxed approach. She is very knowledgeable; felt very supported.”

“Trish is very knowledgeable and gave me excellent advice. She is very professional and kind. I respect her enormously”.

“Trish was amazing!! I had a very difficult time after my son’s birth. Trish was always so kind to me, very professional, so very caring, helpful and supportive. Would recommend Trish to any friends and family. Top lady!!”

“Trish really built my confidence as a first-time mother. Her level of knowledge and calm supportive approach made all the difference to ensuring a safe post pregnancy transition. I would definitely recommend her to others.”

“Trish was fantastic. She went above and beyond what was expected. She’s passionate, knowledgeable, experienced & supportive. We were lucky to have her.”

“Trish was amazing. Gave me all the information I needed and was always there to help me…very sad our time is ended with her! I would 100% recommend her to all my friends.”

“Trish was incredibly helpful and supportive during my postnatal care. We had a tough family time as well as difficulties with breastfeeding and she respected the family feelings as well as providing excellent advice and a listening ear.”

“I received excellent care from Trish. She is a very experienced midwife with endless resources which were priceless for me. I felt in the best hands ever!”

“Hugely friendly, could talk to her about anything…. always available…Trish Ebery is the best midwife…. this is the second time I’ve used her and am always appreciative of her superior knowledge and support. She makes a huge difference to your confidence in those first few weeks at home. Cannot recommend her enough. She is a God-send!”

“Extremely patient. She was available in the weekends. Trish is a credit to her profession, a delight to work with, a wonderful source of calm wisdom for a new first time mum.”

“You are a fantastic support and an outstanding midwife. I would highly recommend you to anyone.”

“Trish always listens and gives me advice that works for me. I have learnt loads from her and I cannot thank her enough.”

“Trish was amazing. Supportive, helpful, positive and caring. We miss her already!”